The Gazpacho Gang (E-BOOK English version)


Gazpacho, summer, and the Mediterranean inspire this amigurumi pattern book.

The book contains 142 pages, including 15 patterns, a gazpacho recipe, an extensive crochet glossary, amigurumi techniques, step-by-step photographs, a tale, and illustrations.


Maybe you think you are looking at an ordinary book, but it is not.

The book is more than just a book, it is a journey back in time, to your childhood summers, to the good memories. This book includes amigurumi patterns and recipes, along with a glossary of stitches, step-by-step photos, tales, and illustrations. 142 pages that will thrill you and make you play again.

Let yourself go, learn and above all… enjoy!

 8 amigurumi patterns
 7 patterns of items of kitchen and some toy
 A gazpacho recipe
 The tale “The Authentic Gazpacho Recipe”, created and illustrated by Alfredo Sommer.
 A comprehensive glossary of stitches explaining basic and more advanced amigurumi
 Step-by-step photos of all the projects
 Dramatized photographs of the toys in their environments and daily lives
 Tips and ideas

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